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Exceptional Candidate Sourcing

Identifying talent is not simply the process of posting a job and hoping the right candidate finds you, nor is it about inundating a hiring manager with countless resumes and praying one "will stick". It is about sourcing the right talent and relying on networks, built by years of experience, to locate the best of the best. It is about careful assessment through in-depth conversations, meetings and working with hiring managers, in parallel, to ensure a clear understanding of both the technical requirements and cultural fit.

Sometimes, you find the right talent after meeting just a few candidates, other times it may take "more than a few" interviews to find the perfect fit. We believe that every client, process and situation is unique and there is never a "one size fits all" approach, and because of this, we remain relentless in our search.

We continually reassess and debrief to ensure that the needed skills and attributes have not changed and our communication is consistent and clear. This is a process based on a true partnership with our client. Our ability to remain nimble and adapt to change, is what allows us to be successful.