What Makes Us Different

We value each person we come in contact with, whether a client, prospective candidate, member of the hiring selection team, or successfully placed candidate. Each person in the process is important.

Our value proposition has allowed us to cultivate relationships and build networks that lead us to the right talent when we need them. This has taken years of effort, and goes far deeper than a database. It’s about the HUMAN TOUCH.

Sometimes we reach out with a phone call, other times an email, and sometimes, we’re close enough to send a quick text to say “hi” and generate a conversation. The point is, our relationships help to generate a return message relatively easily.

And here’s a surprise in this very automated world…

We like voice-to-voice conversations; we like to connect “live” with prospective candidates and our clients. Emails are great…but nothing can replace the value of a true HUMAN CONNECTION, and at Gulian & Associates, we like to talk!

We also like to stay in touch with our candidates. Those we place, and even the candidates we don’t place. We believe that every interaction should feel good, and that even the candidates that don’t get selected should get “real” feedback, so that they feel valued in the process.

We want to make sure that when you invest time with a member of the Gulian & Associates team, you feel valued.


Bringing great people to great companies

Identifying talent is not simply the process of posting a job and hoping the right candidate applies, nor is it about inundating a hiring manager with countless resumes and praying one “will stick”. It is about sourcing the right talent and relying on networks, built by years of experience, to locate the best of the best. It is about careful assessment through conversations and partnering with hiring managers, in parallel, to ensure a clear understanding of both the technical and organizational requirements.

Sometimes, you find the right talent after meeting just a few candidates, other times it may take many conversations to find “the one”. We believe that every client, process and situation is unique and there is never a “one size fits all” approach, and because of this, we remain relentless in our search.

Our ability to remain nimble and adapt to change is our differentiator in the marketplace.


Shaping your Future

We don’t believe that “search words” and “search strings” should be the only thing that makes you stand out. We think your experience and your “toolbox” are what makes you unique, and we want to hear your story.

Help us get to know you. Introduce yourself to us. Follow us on linked in and connect with us. We would like to get to know you.


AnnMarie Gulian
Managing Partner
Maria Pesce
Administrative Director